The lighthouse keeps her

Well hello there!

I’m Saoirse – the person behind The Lighthouse Keeps her.

I have an uncommon obsession with old buildings, an adoration for the sea and an utter weak spot for interiors!

The Lighthouse keeps her, is a play on words with a little story behind it.

Irish Lights built and managed all 80 lighthouses and keepers houses on the island of Ireland for the last 200 years, and to date have sold only I believe five keepers houses to private owners.

In 2017, I spotted an old lighthouse keepers house for sale in Youghal – the town I went to school in.

At the time I was living and working in London, but I couldn’t get the idea of this enchanting old building out of my mind and so the quest to make that happen began.

The Irish built Youghal lighthouse and keepers house in the 1800’s, and at the turn of the century it is said that the British robbed it off the Irish, and around the Easter Rising the Irish robbed it back.

As you can imagine, during this time deeds were not politely exchanged and so when I won the bid on the property, the deeds were missing.

Hence, on a trip with my Sister one day she came up with the idea to create a blog called “ The Lighthouse Keeps Her”, to allow me to keep faith and hope that the deeds would be found and the property would one day fall into my hands.

It worked, and in July 2018 I turned the key for the first time.

We undertook extensive renovations and gave some life back to this old beautiful property bringing it to what is it today.

During the process of doing up the keepers, I uncovered a love for interiors.

I always appreciated nice homes, boutique hotels and an attention to detail in decor but the keepers brought me to another level of obsession with interiors!

I was lucky enough to be asked to be featured in RTE Home of the year 2020 and was one of the finalists, which in turn has led to the keepers being featured in most of the national media outlets, newspapers and magazines.

The keepers ignited a dream in me, a wish to unlock the past & bring a modern twist to it and a chance to share this enchanted building with others & so, there you have it – that is why the Lighthouse Keeps her.


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